Radio Ads & Jingle Production and their Importance

Published: 24th September 2010
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Jingles are meant to do: Aided by simplicity, catchiness and repetition, they insidiously attach themselves to your cerebral cortex, and nothing can dislodge them, short of having another jingle catch your attention. An advertising jingle or commercial theme is much like the introduction to a television show or for radio ads. There are lots of reasons why, demographic, social, political factors influence on our buying behaviours and jingles are one of the reason which affect the customer preferences.

We always give least importance to radio advertising but from a research it has been proved that radio ads are among the strongest medium that can sell things. When this very personal medium is used well, it informs, stimulates emotions, and engenders trust, all the things that make us buy. I know this first hand.

The style of advertising -- of much visual media, in fact -- is changing as well, with a shift from linear storytelling to collages of images. Then there's the splintering and fragmentation of audiences and the media channels to reach them with a single musical signature. Your tune should be light and lively, set in an upbeat major key. The tempo should be quick and the rhythm snappy, like a march or a cheer. I tend to remember jingles that are witty or funny.

Writing advertising jingles is a great way to make money with your music. Many times a new song will be written instead of using an existing piece for an advertising campaign. Getting involved with an advertising agency is one way to put music dollars in your pockets and get your work noticed by the public.

Some tips for effective jingle writing:

- Know the product: What are you trying to sell? A service? A product? A company? What does it do, provide or offer? Familiarize yourself with its benefits, capabilities, and distinction. What makes it superior to others of its kind?

- Drill the name: The jingle must mention and repeat the specific name of the product or company and what it does. You want to ensure that the consumer remembers the name in conjunction with the type of product. If they repeat it, they are more likely to buy it. With a good jingle, the consumer may actually begin to call all products of that type by the trade name.

- Set your slogan to a tune: There is much evidence to show that we remember tunes better than mere words. That's why a jingle is generally much easier to remember than just a slogan.

- Use assonance (repetition of vowel sounds -- 'eat cheap') and alliteration (repetition of consonant sounds -- 'Lemon-lime'): This makes your jingle fun to sing!
Great Jingles should be:
Easy to Understand
The jingles are usually composed by professionals. Since jingles are important components of the ad campaign, a lot of care is taken to ensure that only a very high quality advertising jingle is produced. Because they are so popular, and also given the wide reach of them, a lot of established musicians also lend their talents to it. As a result, it is often seen that the advertising jingles are of superior quality. This further goes on to boost the advertising efforts of the company as with a good jingle, the ad stands out, and quite obviously, it is every ad maker's desire to have an outstanding ad, quite literally so!

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