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Published: 08th September 2009
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Today as radio comes out a great place for advertisement and promoting your products. Companies spent lot of money to promoter their products. Jingles are the only way on the radio to promote your products. The jingle had no definitive debut: its infiltration of the radio was more of an evolutionary process than a sudden innovation. Product advertisements with a musical tilt can be traced back to 1923, around the same time commercial radio came to the public.
We always give least importance to radio advertising but from a research it has been proved that radio ads are among the strongest medium that can sell things. In the harsh realities of today's marketplace a great ad jingle can be a surefire way to crank your service and slogan to a wider audience and get your company some respect. So, what makes an advertising jingle unique? Before you lay down your valuable funds to an established jingle production company (or even to your brother Doug's grunge band) there are many ideas you should carefully research in order to make your new advertising music as effective as it's ever going to be.
A Good jingle should have the following qualities.

Outstanding music
Understand the audience
Never lie
Use a single message
Intergrate a jingle to your camoaign
Reward the Audience

Following are some useful key point.
o Branding is key: plan on beginning your new advertising endeavor with a full vocal edit of your jingle and then use a different version once your jingle has been in the marketplace long enough to stick in your potential customers' heads.

o The jingles are usually composed by professionals. Since jingles are important components of the ad campaign, a lot of care is taken to ensure that only a very high quality advertising jingle is produced.

o Be on alert with jingle makers that charge renewal fees. A good jingle can have a years-long shelf life, so look for a company that can provide full buyouts, or long-term licensing contracts.

o It's not suitable just to demand that your jingle be "modern." Contemplate where you will be advertising. Ask yourself: will your easy listening style jingle find its target audience if used in a AOR format? Contemplate your music style options carefully.

The key to successful branding is really in your own hands. Wal-Mart didn't get to be the powerhouse we know today because of a smiley-face. It was because Sam Walton jumped in his truck every morning and set out to find the best deals on anything he could and used all his disposable resources to make his branding efforts true in the eyes of the consumers. Therefore it's your job as a manager/ business owner to engrain this message into the minds of your customers. The team members in your organization also play a critical role in developing your brand because once you have marketed yourself as the leader in one aspect of your business; you must make everyone within your organization believe it first. This may not be as easy as it sounds. You must constantly remind all members of the organization that you are all collectively the best and the only way to do that is by being honest in your branding. BE the best and everyone will know it.

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